1. Shuttles

    Hey guys! We hope you are getting super pumped for the best weekend ever!
    We have some updates about SHUTTLES taking you to and from LeakyCon, even from the hotels close to our event. Those of you staying at the Rosen Plaza, this mostly affects you:

    While the portion of the OCCC that we are using is within walking distance from the Rosen Plaza, there is some construction going on and the hotel has kindly set up shuttles to help you avoid it. Please note! You can easily walk it, you don’t HAVE to get a shuttle. But if you want one, here you go:

    Shuttle buses will therefore be available from the Plaza to LeakyCon on the following schedule:

    • July 30: 7:30 a.m.—10:30 p.m.
    • July 31: 7:30 a.m.—1:45 a.m.
    • August 1: 7:30 a.m. — 1:45 a.m.
    • August 2: 7:30 a.m. — 1:45 a.m.
    • August 3: 9:30 a.m. — 3:30 p.m. 
    • August 4: Just kidding, LeakyCon will be done by then. *cries*
    If you are one of the guests being moved from the Rosen Plaza to the Rosen Shingle Creek on July 29 and 30:
    We wanted to clarify some of these details: due to a Rosen Plaza error in overbooking, the hotel has informed us that they need to move some guests to the Rosen Shingle Creek for July 29 and 30. However, here’s what we worked out with them to assure that this only minimally disrupts your weekend:
    • Shuttles: The Rosen Plaza is providing complimentary shuttles from the hotel to LeakyCon from 12:30pm to 4:30pm on July 30th, in accordance with our conference schedule. The last events at the OCCC start at 3pm and end at 3:40, so this should provide ample time to get to the shuttle. (LeakyCon is not open and there are no activities on the 29th; while we appreciate that you may want to roam the empty hallways of the OCCC - heck, we would - we unfortunately cannot ask a hotel to provide a shuttle for this purpose.) 
    • If you are going to Open at the Close you are covered for these hours, and the shuttles from the parks will be making stops to each of the three Rosen hotels on the way home at night.
    • Additional shuttles! Because the guests will have to move back to the Rosen Plaza on the 31st, there will be additional shuttles to the Rosen Plaza from the Shingle Creek, from 10am to 12pm on that day.
    • Pricing: The Rosen Plaza has reduced the room night rate for those guests who will be moved. It would have cost $110/night at the Plaza or $135/night at the Shingle Creek: for those two nights the room rate will actually be $89 for affected guests.

    To those affected, we sincerely thank you for helping to make this situation as smooth and seamless as humanly possible! By the time of the LeakyCon 2014 opening ceremonies, you will be re-esconced in your Plaza room and ready for an uninterrupted weekend of geekness.

    Those guests staying at the Rosen Centre, we don’t anticipate any complications.

    See you SO SOON!

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  2. Stars of Frankenstein M.D., are coming to LeakyCon! 

    Yesterday, Pemberley Digital, the creative minds behind The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and Emma Approved, announced the cast members of their upcoming web series, Frankenstein M.D., and we are thrilled to announce that two of the leading cast members will be at LeakyCon 2014!


  3. LeakyCon is just under two weeks away, and the excitement is heating up! Before we geek out in Orlando,here are some important things you shouldn’t forget!

    LeakyCon confirmation
    In order to check in on site, you will need your printed LeakyCon confirmation email. Find this by searching your email for a message fromregistration@leakycon.com.

    Parental permission form
    If you are under 18 years of age and attending LeakyCon without a parent or guardian, you must bring a signed and notarized parental permission form when you check in to the conference.

    Print the Parental Permission form 

    Your photo ID
    All attendees will need to show photo ID when checking in at LeakyCon. This can be a driver’s license, passport, or school ID (as long as it has a picture of your face).

    If you do not have an ID with a photo, please bring a copy of your birth certificate along with one other form of identification.


    Your paper crown
    Help us break the Guinness World Record for the most people wearing paper crowns. Decorate it to represent your favorite fandoms. The only rules are: it must be clearly a crown made from paper and must be wearable for at least five minutes!


    A costume for cosPLAY!
    Create a scene with your best fandom-inspired costumes by entering our cosPLAY contest! You could win the chance to show your stuff on the LeakyCon MainStage during our Closing Ceremony!

    Learn more about cosPLAY!


    Your $4.00 Mears coupon
    Our friends at Mears Transportation have given LeakyCon attendees a special $4.00 discount off your journey from the airport to your hotel.

    Get the coupon!


    A book to donate
    Our friends at The Harry Potter Alliance are creating another Apparating Library at LeakyCon!

    Check out this handy graphic to learn more! 

    We’re busily putting the finishing touches on what we hope will be an amazing experience for you and your friends! Share your packing lists on social media using the #LeakyPackingList tag!

  4. On Wednesday, July 30, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade will Open at the Close just for LeakyCon. 

    Learn more about our private Wizarding World of Harry Potter park event.

    Tickets go on sale Saturday, July 12, at 2:00pm EDT to all full pass holders (RockStar, General, General+Lit, Lit Focus).

  5. melissaanelli:

    As You Ready Your LeakyCon Schedules…

    So, the LeakyCon 2014 schedule came out today. It is our biggest, wildest, largest ranging, most crazymaking, most ambitious, silliest, ridiculousest thing that has ever happened. 
    There are 225 sessions. There are workshops and panels and Q&As and games and improv sessions and book previews and movie screenings and Between Two Ferns parodies (Between Two Mandrakes, starring Maureen Johnson and John Green, and if you didn’t know you needed this in your life YOU DO NOW) and autograph signings and singalongs and photo booths and rock concerts and dance parties and talent contests and quiz shows and meetups and book signings and openings and closings and more. 
    There are almost 100 special guests and almost as many presenters, moving through this stacked labyrinth of programming. If you want to know what it’s like to plan something like this and make it work, imagine a maze that has hundreds of possible routes and imagine that you must make thousands of people move through those routes perfectly, swiftly, with precision, and without ever running into other people along the way.
    And what you don’t even know, yet, is that there is also a secret track, an extra invisible maze that you will only ever interact with by chance and which will never be trotted out in a programming book or on Sched.org for you to marvel at ahead of time, planned just for the joy of it happening.
    There are many people on LeakyCon whose praises you will hear me sing, loudly, before this is all done. But tonight’s victory goes to the LeakyCon programming team, and it seemed apt to do it publicly while everyone is making spreadsheets, printing out schedules, and cursing the immutable laws of physics for confining them to being in one place at one time.
    If you are ogling over Lit, you have the inimitable maureenjohnsonbooks and robinwasserman to thank, with the incredible katelinnea assisting in every way possible. That schedule is INSANITY alone. It is an incredible conference in and of itself.
    And for the 200+ other programs, we have a general programming team consisting of:
    Brad Ausrotas (yourcanadianoverlord)
    Leah Cornish (leah617)
    Kathleen Henderson (DO YOU HAVE A TUMBLR, KITTY?)
    Lizzie Keiper (lizziekeiper)
    Jenna Tackett (onthebigadventure)
    Amudha Venugopalan (mightymudha)
    That is an alphabetical list, but they are really two teams: a creative side and an administrative side, that we set up early this year. Creative and Admin met separately for half the year then recently (three months ago?) combined our efforts following the user generated content submissions.
    Since that combination this team has really soared, and I have been so proud to witness this growth. The combination of left and right brain has made for a really geekily supercharged team. A team that created our first Artist Alley and our new Gaming Arena; it is captaining a pep band and started cosPLAY (our new take on the cosplay competition). It has worked with the wonderful Matt Maggiacomo to conceptualize and organize our rock shows; it has come up with brilliant ideas for guests (any and all Supernatural presence at LeakyCon comes down to this team) and initiatives. They’re responsible for the Tumblr Ask Box. 
    This group of people has done more than you even know so far, more than I can tell you about yet, and so much I can’t wait for you to discover.
    The programming schedule is a beast that we must slay every year. Every year certain tendrils escape death and come back to haunt us; that means changes from the book to Sched.org (and announced to you via social media). That means INEVITABLE name misspellings, outdated bios, general typos, and cross-scheduled guests. Also there’s always a wild card: this year, who would have guessed that a contestant in LeakyStars was also leading a program, and WE WOULD ACTUALLY CROSS SCHEDULE THEM? It should have, but didn’t, occur to check for that, because those odds are kinda astronomical. The programming schedule must be tamed, yearly.
    Because it’s more than a schedule, and that’s something we believe: it has breath and life. It dictates your time here. It has to spread the geeky joy around in just the right manner; it has to be a proper ascension of activity; it has to strike the right balance of thrilling and educational and silly and flat-out fun. It has to have just the right feeling before it is done.
    The overwhelmed, excited, happy feeling the schedule evokes isn’t an accident, it was our fervent hope. It is the product of several hours a week for almost a full year now from EACH of these people listed above. It is the product of our special guests and of our attendees, organized by this programming team. As you page through and have your freakouts and make your tentative schedules, have a thought for them - for Maureen and Robin and Kathlee and Lizzie and Mudha and Kathleen and Jenna and Leah and Brad - because the release of this schedule has represented a full year of work that they’ve been doing quietly (even though we spend most meetings in hysterics) ALL FOISTED ON YOU AT ONCE. To say they are super stressed about it having the desired effect is an understatement.
    I hope you’re all ready for what is un-doubt-ed-ly going to be our best year ever.

    Our programming team is the best programming team. 

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  7. Today we are introducing a brand new feature set to debut at LeakyCon 2014!

    Presenting the Ask Box, a real in-person room representing your Tumblr Ask Box, that geeky haven of Q&A!

    The Tumblr Ask Box will feature a lineup of special guests who will hit the hot seat for ten minutes of rapid-fire questions and answers. There are seven Ask Box sessions scheduled during LeakyCon, but here is the twist: we aren’t going to tell you who is slated for each session. Life at LeakyCon is like your Tumblr dashboard: you never know what you’re gonna get!

    There are two ways to submit questions for Tumblr Ask Box sessions. During LeakyCon, send in questions that you think any of our guests could answer (the more fun / silly / interesting the better!) via the LeakyCon Ask Box (at leakycon.tumblr.com/ask) and use the tag #AskBoxLive.

    Or you can simply be present at one of these sessions and jump up and down in front of the moderator’s face during the very few minutes devoted to live Q&A in each session.

    We’re excited to be working with Tumblr to bring you this exciting addition to LeakyCon. We hope you’ll have as much fun with it as we have dreaming it up!

  8. YES! YES! YES! 

    Maxwell Glick and Mary Kate Wiles of (one of our favorite things ever) The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are both returning to LeakyCon for 2014! 

    Are you excited? Because we’re excited! 

    Read more: http://www.leakycon.com/welcome-maxwell-glick-and-mary-kate-wiles-of-the-lizzie-bennet-diaries/

  9. We may be in the throes of creating the book, planning the opening ceremony, organizing the signage, the Marketplace, the badges, the swag bags, the merch, oh—and finishing THE SCHEDULE, but this totally won the internet for today as far as we’re concerned. 

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    Check out the official LeakyCon t-shirt "Fandom in Real Life" designed by Holly Titus! 

    "Fandom In Real Life" is a great way to describe what LeakyCon means to so many people and the design features some of our favorite fandom characters in silhouette. Can you guess which fandoms are represented?

    Read the full announcement: http://www.leakycon.com/?p=9071

  11. Anyone want to help us break a world record? 

    Let’s get creative! Make and bring your own paper crown to LeakyCon! 

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  12. More details coming very soon…

  13. And it will be anything but cold.

    Register here!

  14. Exciting news for Hunger Games fans! Foxface actress Jackie Emerson is returning for LeakyCon 2014! 

    Read more: http://www.leakycon.com/?p=8992

    Join the fun! Register today: http://www.cvent.com/d/94q7l2/4W?RefID=LeakyConFB

  15. LeakyCon is on track to be the biggest, nerdiest, most awesome fandom¹ celebration of the summer and we have sneaking suspicion there might still be a few fun surprises left in store.

    July 30–August 3, in Orlando, Florida! Be there.

    Register today to join to party!

    ¹ Which fandom, you ask? We love them all: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, The Hunger Games, Star Wars, Nerdfighteria, Game of Thrones, Buffy, Disney, Divergent, Avengers, Breaking Bad, Orphan Black, Lost, Once Upon a Time…you name it, it’s welcome at LeakyCon!