1. Our Throwback Thursday today is to the incredible singalong of Bohemian Rhapsody that happened after it became Esther Day at LeakyCon 2014! What a special night with special people.

    Also make sure to check out the live crowd viewing of our Esther Day video, which culminated with the confetti shower you see above.

    See you at GeekyCon 2015!


  2. "Do whatever makes your heart feel light"
    — Hannah Hart at LeakyCon (via kelseytvs)

    (via marykatewiles)

  3. We don’t know about you, but we had so much fun last weekend that we thought we would open registration for GeekyCon just as soon as we could. Tickets are now available for GeekyCon 2015 (and have not changed at all in price). Same amazing weekend full of fun, friendship and fandom; same Harry Potter-centric but multi-fandom event that’s a full-on geekout session! WE CAN’T WAIT, CAN YOU!?

    Click here to register! 

  4. Had fun at this year’s LeakyCon? Our massive multifandom event is now called GeekyCon while LeakyCon will continue on as a smaller Harry Potter-only conference (because yes). GeekyCon, however, will still hold Harry Potter to its core as the best fandom ever and the center of everything we do. Because it is. And always - ALWAYS - will be.

    Registration will open for GeekyCon 2015 at 3pm EDT TODAY!*

    We already have some guest announcements coming, and are already hard at work on making next year’s event EVEN MORE AWESOME than this year’s. We can’t wait to see you there!



    *we know, you spent all your money in the LeakyCon Marketplace and there hasn’t even been a new pay day yet and ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME LEAKY/GEEKY?!! We feel you. We are just WAY TOO EXCITED about all the fun we have already started to plan for 2015 and want to get a jump on it now. 


  5. Can we talk about the lady in the Weeping Angels costume that went around and scared people during the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball?



    Cause she freaked me out. And chased me. It happened.

    I have a picture of her with Miss Rhode Island and Snape. I’m finding it, hang on.

    EDIT: Here it is:


    (via huffledorkable)

  6. the-real-team-starkid:

    LeakyCon was so much fun! Thanks, everyone!

  7. We are so excited to announce that in the summer of 2015, LeakyCon is becoming GeekyCon! 

    GeekyCon will take place from July 30–August 2, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.

    Get ready to geek out with us next summer! 

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  8. Here’s how we rang in in Esther Day during LeakyCon 2014—with a few thousand of our closest friends. 

  9. fishingboatproceeds:

    Awesome marching band on the LeakyCon escalator. Because of course there is.

    Where else would a marching band be, John?

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  10. "Do whatever makes your heart feel light"
    — Hannah Hart at LeakyCon (via kelseytvs)

    1. Me: I'm getting this for a friend in New Zealand, so could you sign it "to Brenda"?
    2. John Green (paraphrased): A girl in Malaysia makes something that ends up in Orlando...
    3. Me: That's going to a friend in New Zealand.
    4. John Green (not paraphrased): I love this world.
    5. Me: Me, too.
  11. We love you, Team Leaky Quidditch Team!

  12. lccosplay:

    None Pizza With Left Beef…this is my favorite cosplay of all time

    The cosplay game is so strong.


  13. jadentherunner said: What is leackycon exactly I'm a huge fan of Harry potter and I saw Harry potter cosplay is it along the same line.......??????


    LeakyCon is a magical conference with its roots in Harry Potter…. but it’s so much more. Our site might help explain some… or maybe our other followers?

    How would you describe Leaky to @jadentherunner? Reblog and let us know!

  14. greeneyedpirate:

    Step 1: #HarryPotter erotica
    Step 2: #LeakyCon
    Step 3: Profit!
    #LeakyCon2014 #CloakAndBlaster

    Too accurate.