1. CONGRATULATIONS to Team StarKid, the LeakyCon 2014 Fandom Madness Champion! The StarKids dominated round after round with greater and greater numbers each time. 

    Team StarKid and LeakyCon go way back. They performed the inaugural “A Very StarKid Event” at LeakyCon 2011 and in 2012 they stunned us all with their incredible performance of “A Very Potter Musical 3: A Very Potter Senior Year.” In 2013, they wowed audiences at both LeakyCon Portland and LeakyCon London with their unique brand of nerdy-awesome fun.

    This congratulatory post would be incomplete without a well-earned shout-out to the IMPRESSIVE showing by the Welcome to Night Vale fandom! We love Night Vale but were unprepared for to the consistently awesome fan response! 

    Thank you to everyone who voted. We were surprised and excited by your enthusiasm and dedication to your fandoms. Remember, this tournament was all in fun. Regardless of how your brackets fared, the fandoms you love are already winners because they can count your among their ranks. 

    If you haven’t already, we invite you to register and join us this summer for LeakyCon 2014 in Orlando, Florida! We have an awesome five-day celebration of fans and fandom in store. The only thing missing is you. 

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