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    Is this a real announcement?


    But isn’t 2016 after 2015?


    So why are you announcing 2016 before 2015?

    Because, as you may have read, Universal has announced that a Wizarding World park is opening in Los Angeles in 2016. Like we said on our Twitter ages ago: when the LA park opens, we will have a Southern California event. And we want you to know about it immediately.

    There will still be a LeakyCon in 2015, right?

    Absolutely. And by the looks of our plans, it’s going to be amazing.

    What does it mean that you’re going back to your roots?

    LeakyCon has grown into something magical and different from its original incarnation, and for some time now we been waiting for the right opportunity to produce an additional, smaller conference.

    We started with Harry Potter as our only focus, and when the doors opened on that castle in Boston in 2009, hundreds of people streamed in and took in the immersive atmosphere we had worked hard to create. Their faces lit up as they saw the lights, the house colors, and the streaming banners. We would still bet you that if you ask any 2009 staffer about their top five moments from all LeakyCons, that one makes the list. There was nothing like seeing Harry Potter fans come home.

    What about the broader, all-fandom LeakyCon?

    It hasn’t changed in the slightest! This is going to be a separate, smaller event. We played with a lot of names: LeakyCon “Old School,” LeakyCon “Vintage,” LeakyCon “Like When There Were Fewer of Us Around,” but nothing sat truly right. It’s really just the ineffable thing that is a LeakyCon. This specific event will be themed around only Harry Potter. It will be smaller than the main LeakyCon.

    Does that mean there will be two LeakyCons in the US in 2016?


    TWO? Are you all crazy?


    Really, what we are is very lucky. Because of the support you all have shown the conference as it has grown, we are able to do a Harry Potter-only event that focuses on the quality of the experience for fans of the boy wizard we all love. We didn’t want the stupendous change and growth in main LeakyCon to mean that we lose a bit of the magic that brought us all together in the first place: robes swishing down hallways and an experience that only exists because we decided to create it together.

    We have only grown to love the books more with time. And now that we’ve done this a few times, we can’t wait to make something special for those of you who might prefer the intimate one-fandom experience as your summer getaway.

    How many people do you expect at this event?

    We will have space for about 500 people. We’ll be more specific in the future about how this differs from main LeakyCon.

    Will it have rock? Costumes? A park event? Will parodies and fan creations be allowed? Who from the HP cast will be there? What will happen? When is it? Where is it?

    There’s a long time between now and 2016 – except if you are an event planner. Then there’s very little time at all. We are hoping to do a park event (hi, Universal!). We believe strongly that music is essential to all cultures and communities, so there will be HP-based music in some form. But this won’t be your regular LeakyCon: this will be for the hardest-core Potter fans among you. Keep an eye on leakycon.com for news and announcements as they happen!

    What about the UK? Ireland? Belgium? Germany? Australia? Japan? All the other countries?

    We are committed to bringing LeakyCon to more places in the future and these plans don’t impinge on that at all!

    So, but… which… how… which one do I go to?!

    Only you can answer that question! But now you can go to both!

    How much will it cost?

    We don’t know yet, but we don’t expect it to differ much from our normal LeakyCon pricing structure.

    Does this mean that the main LeakyCon won’t have Harry Potter as its core anymore?

    Puuuuuuuuuhlease. You’d have to pry Harry Potter from our cold, dead hands.


    Oh, we will let you know! Past registrants of LeakyCon tend to get first dibs on this sort of thing, so if you were wondering if 2014 was the right time…

    This announcement is just so you can put it in your minds and calendars. We are still working hard on the 2015 announcement and will have that as soon as possible. More importantly: We are working harder than ever on the geekout of LeakyCon 2014, which will be, without any doubt, our biggest and best event yet. We have a lot of announcements and a lot of fantastic things coming soon. Be there!

    Again, thank you: We were sure that 2011 was going to be our last year. It was your enthusiasm that made us realize we could never let it end, and it is only through the growth that has come because of it that we are able to take a little trip back in time to create something new, incredible, and wonderfully familiar. Together.

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